The art of Bespoke

Welcome to Paperhaus.

We craft projects of distinction – purveying fine art correspondence that leaves an unforgettable impression and corporate branding that communicates a dynamic edge. Creativity, art, integrity are the pillars of our work. Take a look around…we think you’ll be as inspired as we are.

meet the artist



I spend my days designing projects that capture your attention. Each project – each brand, each story – is unique and I look forward to crafting it into something to  treasure for years to come.

I believe in the joy of simple moments together.  I love fine detail, beautiful craftsmanship, art, sophisticated cuisine, French wine, and small batch bourbon.  I grow vegetables, keep bees, read a lot of books, and I cherish every memory I can make with my husband and four children.  It’s very nice to meet you.

meet the artist

It’s about more than hiring someone to design a logo or an invitation. True design marries precision and art.  It is about carefully crafting and developing details in a way that perfectly communicates a story, a brand, or a style.


“They are incredibly kind people as well as extremely talented artists and we would highly recommend them.

tina + finn

edinburgh, scotland

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